I know that feel Kochalka

On foot of my previous post on autotelism, I feel that the vulnerability that we all expose ourselves to online should be acknowledged. The risk of putting your thoughts, emotions and self + goals out there is very palpable. Having been stalked online back in the ‘ol days of bebo, and the frequent media exposure on bullying and such trollish behaviour online (as evinced by the gawker and reddit wars).

The firm nerves required to post and communicate online is another aspect that both the personal and the professional individual must develop within themselves. I find the honesty and mind-blowing longevity of the American Elf comic strip a curious blend of both the deeply personal and the mindful professional. Today’s strip titled ‘Happiness’ indicates this very issue of identity, and the internet and vulnerability; as Kochalka depicts himself as the titular American elf, even as the diary strip is based on real life events.