The Future is Now, but also Then

Lewis Baumer, predicting sexting (amatory message), and online gambling respectively. Seems that society is much the same,but that we have new tools to express our inner selves, possibly more discretely (the privacy aspect is debatable).  Though  probably not in a park. That bit has changed, with 61% of Irish adults being overweight or obese. Fat with Antenna Hat: or what our descendants did, my own adaptation of the prediction for the next century.

Follow up prediction, Keeping it Currant: how the digital age made electric raisins popular. Well, we have Apple now, why not such an object as ‘currently current currants‘, or in the vernacular  the triple Curr, in 100 years? Who am I kidding, nobody will be making those kind of spelling distinctions by then, and the pun as an art-form will die. The bigger question is, what part of your body will they be implanted in? Still waiting on that whole post-human thing to kick off adequately. Cybernetics will only be really real when I can email a lolcat with my frontal cortex. Till then, the only internal bionics I have are my knees. Bah. Humbug.

text prediction


Digital art and games

games not art

With the recent sorta release of the PlayStation 4, the issue of graphics and gaming seems to have been arrived at once again. Leaving aside the whole are games art ‘debate’  (as I would hope that by this time the discussion was moot. Games are capable of being aesthetic, lets get on with it)  the average reaction seems to be this:

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