CSS and Fashion

An intriguing question regarding the nature of aesthetics online; fashion vs function. It asks the question I dread  (as it suggests that I may have to upgrade to ‘Pro’ for my blogging needs) and that is ‘how much can code actually express’ (at the 2:45 min marker), and that code is art (in all CAPS, so it is ‘serious’ stuff).  I wish all discussion of code and style was this energetic and passionate, and littered with pop cultural references I instantly get, in contrast to the literature slog. There is nothing like memetics for that sweet heuristcal nuance (more on these terms soon). Let’s stay positive about digital expression people, youtube Idea Channel for the win! Gesamtkunstwerk!

ps. There is also a Brazilian band called CSS (cansei de ser sexy), whose track CSS suxxx (also the title of their blog, filled with cats) I have included for the sake of academic rigour, would not want to get them confused ;p


One thought on “CSS and Fashion

  1. I uploaded my data visualisation post, which ties in nicely with “CSS and Fashion”! I like the description of CSS as the “clothes that a website wears” and the fact that CSS was explained in such a visual way in the video. I also appreciate your scholarly thoroughness in relation to CSS suxxx. In an equal spirit of cheerful conscientiousness, here is a CSS meme: http://bit.ly/Q6XQwF

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